Get excited about:

  • A freshly sharpened box of colored pencils.
  • The smell of crayons when the box opens.
  • New spaces to be filled with vibrant colors on a coloring book page.

All these possibilities greet us with the familiar nostalgia of childhood coupled with the artistic urge to create something that has never existed before. In addition to the art created, coloring books offer a great deal of health benefits for people of all ages. There are mountains of research that support the hobby of continuing with coloring book usage into adulthood. Some health benefits of coloring, include:

Stress relief: Coloring often is reminiscent of childhood and awakens memories of a simpler and less stressful time.

Sleep improvement: Opting for a coloring book instead of binging television, may increase melatonin levels to prepare the body for restful sleep.

Anxiety reduction: Coloring can reduce heart rate and relieve anxiety in under 20 minutes. It promotes mindfulness, improves mood, and reduces mental health stress.

Focus improvement: By activating the brain’s frontal lobe, coloring can improve focus by organizing and problem-solving the colors on the page.

Motor skill refinement: Some coloring books offer complex designs with small spaces that can refine motor skills such as hand-eye coordination.

Relaxation: The act of coloring relaxes the brain and quiets the mind when it is normally focused on a multitude of tasks.

Enjoy the benefits of coloring by joining the Artist’s Attic Facebook Group: Creative Colorful Inspirations today!

Purchase any coloring book from Artist’s Attic LLC and start posting your creations to our Facebook Group. Remember, we’ll also ship your coloring book straight to your home to save you time and get you coloring faster!

This initiative provides all the benefits of coloring plus the ability to socialize with like-minded individuals who are proud of their creations. We hope to see your colorings very soon!

Send us an email to join the group or talk with us in person when you visit our Oil City store.

Happy Coloring!



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